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Nonetheless, the date palm, which can thrive in arid environments, could offer an financial alternative for farmers in industries impacted by altering climate and poor water good quality. Cured (Tamar) with only 10-15% moisture, challenging, dry dates with high sugar content material and lengthy storage life.

Selbi (1988) in his evaluation of the chromosome karyotypes of both male and female date palms, indicated an identical chromosome number for each and he reported 2n=36. Next to grains and other grasses, palms are regarded as the most helpful of all plants.

Likewise, the farmers who likes to turn into a successor to cultivate the tissue culture plants as us, this is a good oppurtunity to share the encounter with us. It is a massive, bushy shrub or tiny treeThe fruits, borne singly are oblate to round, cherry-like but a lot more or significantly less clearly, bright-red, with thin, glossy skin and orange-colored.

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