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Given that the early 1970s, when the timeshare concept of apartment owning was in its infancy and evolving in separate fashions in Asia, Europe and North America, the industry has grown into a worldwide phenomenon with the timeshare item now located in nearly all the major Beach, Ski and Country holiday destinations about the globe. Whilst hotels give the lion's share of the market place, other guest accommodation is avaialble in the type of gites (holiday cottages), Bed and Breakfast , and other types of collective accommodation such as Villages de vacances The word "pension", which means lodging residence or guest residence, has much more or significantly less fallen out of usage. The closure of the hotel has continued to be lamented on the web at websites such as TripAdvisor, by former guests asking if it will ever reopen. Inventive style - The style of a boutique hotel has a big impact on generating a distinctive feel. Because they have fewer guests, Carlson says, smaller properties

The 20 Ideal Boutique Hotels In Stockholm