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As you would expect in a county as huge and picturesque as this, diversity of choice is everywhere and this certainly applies to the Bed and Breakfast in Essex as well. But when you think about that a 4-star hotel space is going for $300 these days, a price of $150 to $200 per couple or loved ones seems to us a bargain for such a luxurious and exclusive retreat. Bed and Breakfasts are a alter from a standard hotel or motel. You require to focus on for your own bed & breakfast business. For years I was hesitant to stay at a nearby bed and breakfast when traveling. Some folks believe that operating a bed and breakfast is the ideal dream job. You could have a particular time of day when you are in peak form and feel far more energetic than at other times throughout the day. Driving through town on US Highways (in a pre- Interstate highway era), travellers stopped at houses with indicators reading Tourists or Guests, where a single could rent a area for the evening for about $2. Even

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