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A important function of education- of schools and other educational institutions- lies in the qualification of children, young men and women and adults. I was involved in this circumstance in which the mother was really upset, as was her children, she had two boys, they have been 11 months apart ok, so you know that they were put in diverse grades, in various classrooms. For numerous centuries the heritage has been so huge and so vital that society has offered primarily to the school the job of picking, organizing and presenting to the children the most beneficial predicament achievable. As a result we see the nature of intelligence as the capability for adjustment to atmosphere, capacity to perceive partnership involving a variety of objects and techniques, capability to solve troubles, ability to feel independently, potential to understand maximum in minimum period of time, capacity to benefit from one's personal knowledge and the practical experience of other folks. Being a development mind set person I contemplate that possessing principles in life and managing stress and trials in life is a positive view of life that implies the getting intelligence is a lot more important that getting affective domain which does not know how to use his emotions in a suitable manner. This is undesirable for the autistic neighborhood as a whole, as more of us are adults than are children, but individuals actually do neglect we exist, and that phrases like autistic children and their families” excludes a excellent chunk of the autistic population. Prognozy dla naszego następnego cyklu słonecznego # 25 (rozpoczynającego się w 2020 r., Osiągającego szczyt w 2025 r.) I dlatego oczekuje się, że będzie on nawet mniejszy niż nasz obecny cykl # 24 (szczyt w 2013 r.), Który jest najmniejszy od 1906 r. Jeśli trend się utrzyma, cykl # 26 (2030-2040) może być nieistotny.

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