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TOKYO—The marketing and advertising of pop stars (male and female) is a big organization in Japan, producing billions of yen in income with the administration. It’s in some cases a soiled business also, Using the young idols being used and abused right up until their “expiration day” has passed or they “graduate.” Every now and then some thing provides to light-weight the dark side of the business; tongues are clicked, bows are created, and items return to remaining the way they were being. But when an assault on a member of the popular idol team, NGT48, arrived to light this yr, along with the sufferer then apologized “for creating a commotion,” a storm of outrage blew up—and new revelations surfaced like bombshells washing in With all the tide. As a result, the controversy might at last hit managers in a place that makes them reconsider the best way they perform business: while in the pocketbook.