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TOKYO—The promoting of pop stars (male and woman) is a big company in Japan, producing billions of yen in income to the management. It’s at times a filthy business enterprise too, with the younger idols getting used and abused until eventually their “expiration day” has passed or they “graduate.” Now and again a thing delivers to mild the darkish aspect on the market; tongues are clicked, bows are made, and issues return to becoming the way they ended up. But when an assault over a member of the favored idol team, NGT48, arrived to light-weight this yr, along with the sufferer then apologized “for developing a commotion,” a storm of outrage blew up—and new revelations surfaced like bombshells washing in With all the tide. Therefore, the controversy may perhaps finally hit administrators in a location that makes them rethink the way in which they carry out enterprise: while in the pocketbook.

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