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Do you have a tiny income to invest? The charming seaside town of Larnaca is a location where the past blends in with the present in a pleasant mosaic of sun and culture. Arthur's half-sister, Morgana, a budding sorceress, becomes apprenticed to Merlin in hopes of understanding the Charm of Making from him. This luxury villa for sale in Limassol (Cyprus) features five spacious bedrooms, a big dining room, a attractive living space, a minimal kitchen bearing white tones, 1 bathroom, one toilet, two showers and a fireplace lined with wood, combining modern day architecture with functionality and luxury. We supply villas and apartments for quick term rent all over Cyprus. This exclusive property is a 3 bedroom two storey villa on a very massive plot of land with excellent sea views. Limassol is without a doubt the best choice for any household or person wishing to live carefree and unforgettable moments in the island of Beauty - Cyprus. Moreover, the luxurious beachside villa for sale in Larnaca on the island of Cyprus is furnished and equipped with an safety alarm method, electrical appliances, a fireplace and heating to warm up the winter nights, air conditioning for the summer months, a basement, an auxiliary kitchen, storage space and double- parking region. Journey with me back in time to the early traditions of Arthur and delve into the mysteries of the Matter of Britain, the Matter of Wales, to locate the origins of amongst the ladies and knights of Camelot and the other places connected through time and tales to Arthur, like Glastonbury and the association of Joseph of Arimathea and the Holy Grail. Moreover it is a striking chance for Non-European citizens who are hunting to invest in Cyprus true estate properties as they will gain a permanent residence permit visa in Cyprus Adding further value to this real estate in Cyprus for sale is the communal swimming pool which is offered to all the residents.

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