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Christian Alex Parker is generally a 19-year-aged health and fitness-relevant scholar who enjoys escapology, bowling and upcycling. He's secure and type, but will also be really standoffish along with a little bit lazy. He's a British Muslim. He's now at college. getting out medicine. He's allergic to grasshoppers. Bodily, Christian is probably not in wonderful form. He must get rid of Quite a bit of pounds. He could be incredibly constrained with almond pores and skin, black hair and black eyes. He grew up in a very Working course neighbourhood. His moms and dads separated when he was tiny, but remained buddies and presented a cheerful, continual dwelling. He is presently inside the link with Judi Alecia Drake. Judi is 20 decades extra experienced than him and is productive as becoming a chef. Christian's ally is frequently a healthcare scholar known as Cedar Tucker. They can be really inseparable. He also hangs all around with Geoffrey Lane and Stacey Willis. They delight in binge-observing boxed sets collectively.

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