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Harriet is actually a steady wellbeing centre receptionist who enjoys vandalising bus stops ~ A Biography ~ Harriet Flora Rabbit is normally a 27-twelve months-outdated Total well being centre receptionist who enjoys vandalising bus stops, working on autos and sailing. She is secure and courageous, but can even be really violent Along with a little bit tedious. She is Finnish. She did not end school. Bodily, Harriet is in great condition. She is very tall with chocolate pores and skin, grey hair and brown eyes. She grew up in just an higher class neighbourhood. She was raised by her father, her mother getting left when she was youthful. She's now in a relationship with Jill Potential Thomas. Jill is eighteen decades more mature than her and operates currently being an electrician. Harriet's ally will likely be a overall health and Physical fitness centre receptionist often known as Autumn Washington. They get on extremely very well usually. She also hangs all around with Claire Sanders and Mallory Macdonald. They get pleasure from portray with each other.

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