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Naomi Carla Torrance is known as a 21-yr-former overall health club assistant whose lifetime is dominated by fixing the murder of her half sister, Elliott Torrance. Elliott was drowned in 2017 as well as killer was on no account introduced to justice. She's Scottish who defines herself as pansexual. She started acquiring out sporting routines science at College but on no account done the system. She's a vegetarian. Bodily, Naomi is in excellent kind. She's tall with brown pores and pores and skin, brown hair and brown eyes. She grew up inside an larger study course neighbourhood. Her mom nonetheless left when she was younger, leaving her along with her father, who was a drunk. She's presently in an extremely partnership with Kane Kristy O'Neill. Kane is equivalent age as her and operates like a kitchen area spot assistant. Naomi's ally is really a gymnasium assistant called Rory Driscoll. They've bought an very firey friendship. She also hangs throughout with Elliott Prolonged and Keith Christie. They enjoy charity work with each other.

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