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Mavis Maud Thornton is frequently a 19-yr-prior teen who enjoys social card video clip video games, ferret racing and escapology. She's entertaining and inspiring, but can even be pretty evil in addition to a minor little bit impolite. She's Canadian who defines herself as asexual. She concluded university and after that still left academia. Bodily, Mavis just isn't really in excellent condition. She must drop Relatively a whole lot of excessive bodyweight. She's tall with darkish chocolate skin, black hair and black eyes. Unusually, she is made up of a prosthetic hand; a shark ate hers. She grew up in an exceedingly middle class neighbourhood. She was elevated by her father, her Mother proudly owning left when she was younger. Mavis's ally is usually a teen known as Trinity Yates. These are generally inseparable. She also hangs all around with Jaydon Parry and Ashton Casey. They get pleasure from participating in online video clip video clip online games together with one another.