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6 locations for couples to check in in Danang In order to have real artistic and wonderful pictures, of course the landscape plays a very important part. A beautiful background will make your photos more beautiful and impressive. So where to go to take pictures now? Why don't you come to Da Nang? Da Nang is a city with mountains, rivers, sea and beautiful scenery for those who love to explore and check in. If you are passionate about photography then surely Danang is the perfect choice!

Da Nang is known as the city worth living because here not only has beautiful scenery, delicious food but people are extremely friendly and hospitable. If you have the opportunity to travel here and stay in hotels and motels, you will fully appreciate what I share. Hotels and motels in this city are quite many, but to ensure quality and reputation, people can contact Hoang Anh motel to book. Although this motel has been in operation for a long time but not so that the quality of the room here is not good! More than expected, Hoang Anh motel has gradually marked the heart of domestic and foreign tourists when they stay here. With good service, quality, beautiful decoration room with the hospitality of the owner of the motel makes people love this place even more. Moreover, the price of renting rooms is also very suitable, not increasing prices on holidays in the year. However, to avoid the absence of a room, you should book a room before choosing to travel on the key dates! Refer to the website at  for more details.

Come to Danang to play, do not forget the following great shooting locations! Nguyen Van Troi pedestrian bridge Any young person who is living in Da Nang will surely not be able to ignore the Nguyen Van Troi pedestrian bridge. This bridge is the ideal destination for young girls taking photos of deep patterns. The most favorite thing about this bridge is that there are no vehicles and dust, so this is the ideal place that lovers often come. Walking on this bridge is extremely romantic, guys. It was great to walk and admire the scenery, cool and take pictures of the types there. Nguyen Van Troi Bridge is located right next to Tran Thi Ly bridge, so it is not too difficult to find here.

The rows of grass wiped near the sea
You often compliment the image of other people and always self-deprecated because I don't eat photos. Do you feel embarrassed when your friends ask you to take a photo of a scene? The answer here is nothing other than the reason you have not found yourself a beautiful background with the "deep play" only. So why don't you think of an art picture with grass wiping around? Da Nang in the extremely beautiful wiping season, sir! Therefore, at the time of the blooming flowers, the young people of Da Thanh rewarded each other to take photos, which made the field so quiet and quiet. Invite your friends to come here and take lots of good photos!

East Sea Park
This is the place where quite a lot of cultural and artistic activities of Da Nang city, so you can join your friends here to play and take pictures. Sea view with white sand, blue clouds will surely make your photo more beautiful. Do you like to play sports? If you like to take photos live virtual than deep, why not choose for yourself the unique shooting designs, right! Real photos, "deep" image style while in Yoga posture, for example? Not only is the favorite place for young people but the East Sea Park is also the destination where couples choose to take wedding photos. The natural scenery here is very suitable for recording beautiful and special wedding photos. The image of the bride, the groom is happy hand in hand and the pigeons flying around will surely be a great picture that impresses you when traveling here.

The masterpiece bridge
Danang is the city of bridges, so going to Da Nang without stopping to see these bridges will certainly be a huge shortcoming. When you come here, do not forget to admire the fire-breathing dragon bridge, admire the love bridge or join the love keychains. For those young people who have a new experience, why not try once to watch the Han River Bridge? The bridge time turned around from 12-1h so you should be on time to admire this interesting spectacle! Remember to bring a camera to take lots of beautiful photos again!

Infinity pool at A la carte hotel
If you choose an A la carte hotel as your base, you can also enjoy the comfort of immersing yourself in the water and admiring the view of the sea ahead. Or just sip coffee and enjoy music and sightseeing for example? Why not?

Thuận Phước Field
There is no need to travel abroad, you can still have the opportunity to take pictures at the Asian-style farm when you arrive in Thuan Phuoc Field. Do you like taking photos with the windmill? With the landscape here you will definitely own yourself many pictures of thousands of people love it!
Above are the beautiful places you should stop checking in when coming to Da Nang. Have a great moment in this beautiful city!

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