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Sandie Barry Bishop is frequently a 24-12 months-prior Physical fitness Heart assistant who enjoys looking at television, camping and Too much ironing. He is loveable and loveable, but can even be rather disloyal furthermore a minor bit tedious. He is Thai. He provides a diploma in athletics science. He's obsessive about studying. Bodily, Sandie is slightly overweight but Commonly in fantastic form. He is very rapid with dim chocolate pores and skin, gray hair and brown eyes. He grew up inside of a Functioning class neighbourhood. He was elevated in a contented relations family with two loving mothers and dads. He's presently in the partnership with Lizzie Cleo Roberts. Lizzie is similar age as him and features for a plumber. Sandie's ally is really a gymnasium assistant referred to as Harris Curry. They've got received a very firey friendship. He also hangs all around with Glen Mackenzie and Earl Freeman. They choose enjoyment in social card sport titles together with one another.

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