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Chris Christian Bogtrotter is actually a 21-12 months-previous medical college student who enjoys podcasting, ferret racing and playing online video online games. He is inspiring and inspiring, but may also be quite sneaky plus a little bit dull. He's American who defines himself as pansexual. He's at present at college. studying medication. Bodily, Chris is marginally overweight but otherwise in excellent form. He is quite short with pale pores and skin, dim brown hair and black eyes. He grew up in the working class neighbourhood. His moms and dads separated when he was small, but remained close friends and presented a cheerful, steady house. He's at this time in a very relationship with Finn August Thompson. Finn is 8 decades more mature than him and performs being a novelist. Chris's ally is usually a clinical university student known as Rupert Palmer. They get on properly usually. He also hangs all around with Graham Gutierrez and Joanne Watson. They love showing within the history on TV jointly.

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