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Stanley is surely an interesting trainee tradesperson who suffers from a severe phobia of worms ~ A Biography ~ Stanley Sophia Greenway can be a 25-yr-old trainee tradesperson who enjoys looking at tv, bowling and vandalising bus stops. She is enjoyable and entertaining, but can even be very uninteresting along with a bit sneaky. She's Welsh who defines herself as bisexual. She finished school and afterwards left academia. She has phobias of worms and mice Bodily, Stanley is slightly overweight but in any other case in excellent condition. She is tall with cocao pores and skin, black hair and eco-friendly eyes. She grew up inside a Performing class neighbourhood. She was raised in a contented spouse and children household with two loving parents. She is now inside a relationship with Seren Liberty Austin. Seren is 20 years more mature than her and functions for a receptionist. Stanley's ally is actually a trainee tradesperson referred to as Rhys Richards. They're inseparable. She also hangs around with Ellis James and Martyn Pierce. They take pleasure in photography collectively.

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