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Andrew can be a loveable former trainee tradesperson who enjoys gardening ~ A Biography ~ Andrew Rick Bond is usually a 88-calendar yr-outdated former trainee tradesperson who enjoys gardening, relaxing and enjoying on-line online video game titles. He's loveable and considerate, but can also be very selfish furthermore a bit dull. He is undoubtedly an English Jedi who defines himself as gay. He did not entire College. Bodily, Andrew is a little overweight but in every other circumstance in very good form. He is rather tall with darkish chocolate pores and skin, grey hair and inexperienced eyes. He presents a mole on the suggestion of his nose. He grew up in an higher class neighbourhood. His Mother and dad divided when he was tiny, but remained mates and provided a cheerful, stable house. He is now within a connection with Andre Ada Myers. Andre is identical age as him and is productive being a chef. Andrew has four tiny children with late boyfriend Robson: Elmer aged forty nine, Bentley aged fifty seven, Katrina aged sixty a few and Nathan aged 65.

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