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Chris Christian Bogtrotter is a 21-year-old healthcare university student who enjoys podcasting, ferret racing and taking part in video game titles. He is inspiring and inspiring, but can be pretty sneaky in addition to a bit boring. He is American who defines himself as pansexual. He's now at college. learning drugs. Physically, Chris is a little overweight but or else in great shape. He is incredibly small with pale skin, dark brown hair and black eyes. He grew up in a very working class neighbourhood. His moms and dads separated when he was compact, but remained pals and supplied a contented, secure residence. He's now in a romance with Finn August Thompson. Finn is eight yrs more mature than him and works for a novelist. Chris's best friend is a clinical scholar referred to as Rupert Palmer. They get on perfectly more often than not. He also hangs all-around with Graham Gutierrez and Joanne Watson. They love showing up within the qualifications on Television set collectively.

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