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pokerclub88 Reginald Meadows can be a eighteen-twelve months-outdated teenager owning an regrettable habit of bumping off the folks near to him. He is vivid and inspiring, but will likely be quite impolite and in addition a little bit violent. His initial sufferer was his Good friend, Rhian Catrin Edwards, who he killed just because she made utilization of a phrase he didn't specially like. He hopes to destroy once again very shortly. He is a Welsh Sikh who defines himself as bisexual. He did not complete faculty. He's allergic to grasshoppers. He has phobias of apostrophes and bananas Bodily, pokerclub88 is somewhat overweight but or else in excellent kind. He's ordinary-top with delicate pores and skin, black hair and black eyes. He has an unusually incredibly extensive nose. He grew up inside of a Doing do the job class neighbourhood. His father left when he was younger, leaving him along with his mother, who was an addict. pokerclub88's ally is actually a teenager generally known as Huw Morris. They can be seriously inseparable. He also hangs all-around using a teenager identified as Owen Jacobs. They just take pleasure in yoga with one another.

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