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Harriet is usually a secure wellbeing centre receptionist who enjoys vandalising bus stops ~ A Biography ~ Harriet Flora Rabbit is a 27-year-old health and fitness centre receptionist who enjoys vandalising bus stops, working on vehicles and sailing. She's stable and brave, but will also be pretty violent as well as a bit monotonous. She is Finnish. She did not end university. Bodily, Harriet is in excellent form. She is rather tall with chocolate pores and skin, grey hair and brown eyes. She grew up within an higher course neighbourhood. She was elevated by her father, her mother acquiring still left when she was youthful. She's at this time inside a romance with Jill Future Thomas. Jill is 18 a long time older than her and works being an electrician. Harriet's best friend can be a overall health centre receptionist named Autumn Washington. They get on nicely usually. She also hangs around with Claire Sanders and Mallory Macdonald. They love painting alongside one another.

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