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Mavis is surely an inspiring town counsellor who suffers from a extreme phobia of baked beans ~ A Biography ~ Mavis Chantal Donaldson is actually a 23-yr-outdated city counsellor who enjoys jigsaw puzzles, hockey and enjoying card game titles. She is inspiring and energetic, but will also be incredibly tedious plus a bit evil. She's a Welsh Hindu who defines herself as straight. She provides a diploma in philosophy, politics and economics. She has phobias of baked beans and apostrophes Physically, Mavis just isn't in terrific form. She must eliminate quite a lot of fat. She is quite short with pale pores and skin, white hair and black eyes. She grew up inside of a Doing work class neighbourhood. Her mom and dad separated when she was small, but remained good friends and supplied a happy, stable residence. She is presently in a very romance with Harri Glenn Miles. Harri is 20 years more mature than her and is effective as an attorney. Mavis's ally is often a town counsellor termed Bryn Griffiths. They get on properly more often than not. She also hangs all around with Liberty Richards and Tegan Howells. They take pleasure in stealing sweet from babies jointly.

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