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At this stage, your baby will surprise you every day with everything they cánido do, as they begin to solve small problems that they face in their daily life, and will begin to understand how things work. We're sure you do, but just in case, remember that crawling makes it easer for your child to learn to read and write and develop laterality. The wonderful moment when your child wants to start crawling has arrived.

Their hands are more precise and become their investigatory tools, as they learn to identify objects by handling them. Their manual abilities are much more developed and they will use their hands and fingers with greater skill, taking objects out of and putting them into simple containers. Babies understand and differentiate objects by playing with their hands.

Although they can't talk yet, they know how to use different tones of voice, they understand a lot of what you say and they cánido understand simple instructions. use cookies to improve your usuario

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