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Cameron Jeff Butterscotch is a 35-12 months-aged nearby activist who enjoys baking, assisting old women through the street and Serious ironing. He's Light and dazzling, but can also be quite unstable and also a bit unfriendly. He is a French Buddhist who defines himself as straight. He didn't complete college. Physically, Cameron is a little bit overweight but if not in very good condition. He may be very tall with reasonable skin, gray hair and brown eyes. He grew up in the middle class neighbourhood. He was elevated by his father, his mom possessing still left when he was youthful. He's at present solitary. His newest romance was having a scientist referred to as Susan Elise Turner, who was 13 decades more mature than him. They broke up since Susan wished a quieter life than Cameron could give. Cameron's best friend is an area activist named Caelan Lambert. They get on properly usually. He also hangs all-around with an area activist identified as Alison Cook. They appreciate meditation alongside one another.

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