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Fred Dan Thornton is really a 24-12 months-old trainee tradesperson who enjoys Hearing songs, drone images and tenting. He is Artistic and considerate, but will also be really disloyal plus a bit egocentric. He is really an Australian Hindu who defines himself as straight. He started university but never concluded the course. He incorporates a extreme phobia of flying Physically, Fred is a little bit overweight but in any other case in great condition. He may be very tall with cocao skin, brown hair and brown eyes. He grew up within a middle class neighbourhood. He was elevated by his mother, his father getting still left when he was younger. He's at the moment inside a marriage with Bethanie Jodi Mcintyre. Bethanie is identical age as him and performs to be a receptionist. Fred's best friend is actually a trainee tradesperson named Carl Warner. They get on effectively usually. He also hangs all around with Esme Hunt and Tariq Ryan. They delight in social card online games jointly.

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