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Due to the downsides of magnesium wheel care and upkeep, custom wheels crafted for the basic public are normally made of more easily cared for chrome plated steel, polished aluminum, or painted aluminum. One of the trends in customized wheels today is to install large-scale wheels, up to 22" or more. The simplest way to accommodate a taller wheel is to change to a lower profile tire so that the general height of the wheel and tire package stays the same as previously. For performance customizers who have actually set up aftermarket brakes on their cars, different computations have to be made for backspace and offset, the measurements for how much area there is in between the wheel centerline and the body of the vehicle and how to offset the centerline of the wheel is from the mounting plate. Not just can you see and compare actual wheels side-by-side, however you are also guaranteed that the fantastic -looking tire and wheel package you end up with is one that will work properly (check out safely) with your lorry.