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Chantal can be a considerate governing administration politician who enjoys thieving sweet from babies ~ A Biography ~ Chantal Kate Nolan is often a 24-12 months-previous government politician who enjoys thieving candy from toddlers, learning new languages and planking. She is considerate and bright, but can be very evil and also a bit disloyal. She is Swedish who defines herself as straight. She has a diploma in philosophy, politics and economics. Physically, Chantal is in superior form. She is very tall with brown pores and skin, black hair and brown eyes. She grew up in a very Functioning class neighbourhood. Immediately after her father died when she was younger, she was lifted by her mom She's presently one. Her most up-to-date romance was using a semi-professional athletics person termed Martin Albert Wilson, who was 2 several years older than her. They broke up due to the fact Martin felt in the shadow of Chantal's brilliance. Chantal's ally is often a govt politician known as Aron O'Neill. They have an exceedingly firey friendship. She also hangs all-around that has a governing administration politician named Roland Cooper. They appreciate appearing from the history on TV alongside one another.

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