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The paper evaluated the possibility of further dividing the Jewish Homeland with a area exclusively for Arabs, but concluded that a little Arab conclave could not be self-supporting as most Arabs in the Jewish Homeland had been employed by Jewish firms and had little independent economy. Meanwhile, 6,000,000 Jews were exterminated by the most effective friend of the Arabs, the Nazis, when the British blockaded Israel to hold German refugees out. We are not intimidated by the charge in Europe due to the fact we have no problems differentiating between Jewish folks and the state of Israel. To start with, we all know that according to Geology, all the continents have been clustered into a single and they have been named "Gondwanaland" due to the fact they have been rested on the Plate Tectonics under, that when they shifted and separated, they are what we see currently as different continents, apart, nonetheless moving and riding on the Plate tectonics, that this will aid clarify the reality that Africans have normally been ben exactly where they are at now: the African continent.

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