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Steven Gary Malkovich is actually a 18-yr-outdated teenager who enjoys yoga, donating blood and binge-watching boxed sets. He's generous and sort, but may also be incredibly stable in addition to a bit sneaky. He's a Belgian Muslim who defines himself as straight. He is at the moment in school. Physically, Steven is not in great form. He really should eliminate quite a lot of weight. He is brief with brown skin, grey hair and brown eyes. He grew up within a Center course neighbourhood. He was raised by his mom, his father obtaining left when he was younger. Steven goes to Walford Faculty, wherever his favourite topics are complex drawing and woodwork. He loves his Instructor Mr Thomas but hates Ms Thomson whose interests incorporate handing out additional homework. He is at present in a marriage with Tyler Ariel Owen. Tyler is similar age as him and functions like a college student. Steven's best friend is actually a teenager named Matilda Rodriguez. They've an exceedingly firey friendship. He also hangs all over with Harris Adams and Norman Li. They enjoy going for walks alongside one another.

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