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Stanley can be an thrilling trainee tradesperson who suffers from a extreme phobia of worms ~ A Biography ~ Stanley Sophia Greenway is actually a twenty five-calendar year-previous trainee tradesperson who enjoys viewing television, bowling and vandalising bus stops. She is exciting and entertaining, but can even be incredibly boring and a little bit sneaky. She is Welsh who defines herself as bisexual. She completed faculty and afterwards still left academia. She has phobias of worms and mice Bodily, Stanley is a little overweight but normally in great shape. She's tall with cocao pores and skin, black hair and green eyes. She grew up inside of a working course neighbourhood. She was raised in a contented spouse and children residence with two loving moms and dads. She is currently inside of a connection with Seren Liberty Austin. Seren is twenty years more mature than her and functions like a receptionist. Stanley's best friend is usually a trainee tradesperson referred to as Rhys Richards. They may be inseparable. She also hangs all around with Ellis James and Martyn Pierce. They love images together.

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