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Its claim to technological brilliance is the indigenous production of wrought gold, ironically and industry generally much maligned in South African history mainly because its demand for affordable unskilled labor meant a level of coercion that played the main role in this integration of regular African neighborhood structures(Creating them dysfunctional), and the consolidation of racial segregation. In order for South Africans to reclaim their history, they have to put collectively the narrative of the history of Mapungubwe squarely on the laps of Africans in South Africa. The loss of freedom can be tolerated by quite a few, particularly if it comes on slow as it is in the US, but anytime folks can look at their neighbors across the ocean and see a a great deal far better richer nation they are going to complain. If we now look at the problem of Mapungubwe, we cannot make any sense of it so long as it does not interrogate African South African Culture, Customs, Traditions and Practices, which, as I have been pointing out, is the culture, custom, traditions of the individuals of Mapungubwe.

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