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The length of this Hub may be as well significantly for World wide web readers, but in all earnestness, this is written for and on behalf of the African folks of South Africa who are denied access to good books about themselves, denied access to the growing and spreading Globe Wide Net, created ignorant with the sort of confusing education that is now becoming imposed upon their children. Their social political positions garner them prepared access to mass media, to White liberal resources and support such that they repeatedly frustrate and typically destroy constructive African ethnocentric sentiments and operational efforts. The point of this hub is that Africans might, in truth, have had a wider and broader civilization pulsating in the heart of Africa. More than the previous fifty yeas or so, whenever something remarkable or inexplicable has turned up in Africa, a whole galaxy of non-African (or at any price non-black) peoples are dragged in to clarify it. The Phoenicians are brought in to explain Zimbabwe in Rhodesia(Now Zimbabwe).

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