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Generation after generation, from the Dark Days of primitive Apartheid of Jan Van Riebeeck to the Refined and extra deadly Apartheid of De Klerk, African people today have been place down, denigrated, their humanity squashes, repressed, depressed and suppressed to the extent that, whilst they had been attempting to recuperate from that Apartheid onslaught, they are now facing a neo- Apartheid ANC-led government, which is operating tough to please their Imperial masters and former Apartheidizers, at the expense of the African people today of South Africa. With quite a few individuals getting into the location, genuine estate has gone up and so has taxes that cottage owners living on retirement income are no longer capable to sustain their property. The Struggle is not the purview, only, of "Buddies" on Facebook, but of and by the folks of South Africa who are the ones that are suffering and censored, shut down, ignored, and not listened to by many of us. Soon after that it gets difficult since the term is made use of differently at different occasions in Israel's history. Nigeria as a country located in the West Africa has suffered several political challenges from the time of independence till date. I am not going to apologize to no one when it comes to speaking about our nation South Africa, which ought to first of all take care of South Africans "1st", and anyone else final.

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