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Krabi is a single of the few destinations in Thailand that remains unspoiled in spite of tourist rush. This is a hotel that provides an eclectic blend of the contemporary with the Victorian and is uniquely beautiful. If the hotel is situated in a busy urban location it can be assured of great company clubbed with top quality service. Given that boutique hotels normally have 1 or two restaurants only, they rely on tabletops, table setting and lighting to produce different moods at diverse times of the day, altering the experience at the three meal times. In addition to the restaurants, most of the boutique hotels have a chic lounge serving choicest of beverages with live music and a club atmosphere. There are a selection of various hotels that are there which have a wide range of diverse facilities and amenities. We use cookies to give the solutions provided by the internet site. The Parlamento Boutique Hotel Rome consists of 10 modern day and totally renovated rooms at the same address