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Benner Sanjuana

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I was born in Zonguldak in 1984. I graduated from Mehmet Celikel Anatolian High School and I studied at Kocaeli University, English Language and Literature in Kocaeli. Just after I finished university, I moved to Istanbul And that i both of those worked at English Time Language Colleges and analyzed at Dogus University, English Language Teaching. Just after Doing the job in a kindergarten which I realised how vital is teaching English to really youthful learners, I are actually Functioning at Bilfen Principal Schools, which is the most effective private pimary university in Turkey. Very last 12 months, I received TESOL ICELT certification at ITI that's recognized globally and I am nevertheless occurring my self-progress. I also attended the Efficient Worksop Presenters, Teacher Trainer Study course at ITI and i am even now taking place the courses to become a teacher trainer. I’m serious about planning lesson plans, producing genuine teaching products, and communicative classroom

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