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Vintage Barbie Dolls - Identifying Vintage Ponytail Barbies Barbie was 1st released by Mattel in 1959 and since the earliest Barbie doll had her hair pulled back again in a Ponytail, she is referred to as the Ponytail Barbie by classic Barbie collectors. You will find six different incarnations of the Ponytail Barbie and so she is referred to by her range, i.e. #one Ponytail Barbie or #two Ponytail, etc. What follows is a brief guideline to identifying each since the dissimilarities between them usually are subtle, but hugely sizeable to value. #one Ponytail Barbie The #one Ponytail Barbie could be both blonde or brunette. Extra blonde dolls were being produced so the brunette is much more precious. Her hair is tied back inside of a ponytail and he or she has curled bangs. Her irises are white and her lips are pink and he or she also severely arched eyebrows. Pointy, basically. She can also be peering off to the side. Created from heavy vinyl plastic, she has a sound torso

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