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Numerous of us contemplate our properties to get our castle, our refuge, our kingdom... Effectively, you will get the reasoning. We feel safe and sound in the home. But, can the air inside our house hurt us? Lately, we've got read lots about Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and its effect on our health. IAQ is simply yet another title for indoor air air pollution. Generally, after we take into consideration air pollution, we expect of factories belching out smoke and automobiles spewing exhaust into the ambiance. We have been involved about carbon dioxide emissions and various "greenhouse gasses." Hold out you say, we don't have to worry about individuals issues indoors. Our houses are very energy economical. They may be sealed limited so the terrible air pollution cannot get inside of. Properly, that's appropriate, our houses are sealed restricted, and that is section of the problem. The air inside of our homes is stuffed with things. I will divide them into 4 teams: particles, chemical

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