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Turn on their own news and everything you will dsicover is talk of economic downturns, the financial lending crunch and redundancies. It is enough to drive even probably the most positive minded people with a depressive state. It's not all not so good news though. If searching for something a somewhat more quite and relaxing, Golf on the Costa del Sol will be the answer. Mijas Costa has some within the most beautiful courses in the area. And most desirable part - it never rains! Because of the Costa del Sol is surrounded by mountains it makes a 'micro climate' - this keeps temperatures at above 14 degrees Celsius all all year long. In the summer however, you could expect temperatures to soar to 35 and above. When the worldwide economy hits the skids, businesses need your money more than before. This means there a couple of fantastic deals to be found if you hunt around and there isn't better solution to beat those blues in order to take a high end holiday, inside a bargain rate. The

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