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When you use the rules of (business enterprise) architecture in management you should be able to develop a coherent enterprise. Have you ever at any time witnessed a church by using a roof vault somewhere in the middle? In case you walk inside a library the thing is publications. Easy. The principle operate of the library is usually to current books as well as other communicating materials in a means that it's available for the general public. A retailer has borrowed this idea, however the library was there initially. Architects have thought of this. They understand about features, they create (layout?), a matching type or construction and -- Whilst you may not like the model -- The full will Usually be inline. Is your organization Aligned? There's also numerous issues with properties designed by architects, because they won't constantly match the environmental qualities. As an entrepreneur you might be your own architect. As a business manager you will be much more dependent

Enterprise Architecture & Administration - Some More Helpful Factors