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Ah, wisdom-tooth surgical treatment. The laughing gas, the puffed-up cheeks, the ensuing days of eating only ice cream. Not everybody gets wisdom teeth, however those who do typically require to have them pulled before they can trigger problems. Wisdom teeth make up a 2nd set of molars that grow behind your existing molars. They can trigger pain as they grow and push against the gums and other teeth. However whether you're feeling pain or not, let's have a look at how you and your dental practitioner can detect and get rid of these pesky bones. Medical diagnosis An x-ray at your regular dental checkup will allow your dentist to try to find problems with your wisdom teeth. Many people have four wisdom teeth, but, oddly, some can have up to nine or 10. These obsolete molars serve no useful purpose, however can be hazardous if they're pushing versus your regular molars. Not all knowledge teeth need to be removed. Extraction is generally only necessary if the teeth threaten to press

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