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IntelliChair is a Florida modern mobility electric motorized wheelchair company with one goal and one goal only: To provide you the absolute best quality smart wheelchair at the lowest possible price. From inception our IntelliChair smart electric wheelchair was designed with you in mind. The ModoChair is lightweight, portable, fold-able, and fast. It runs on simple electric power and can easily traverse most terrain. With ModoChair your days of physically battling with your old cumbersome wheelchair are over. Just simply plug the IntelliChair smart electric motorized wheelchair in every night when you go to bed, and when you wake in the morning you will have a full days worth of IntelliChair electric motorized powered travel at your disposal. ModoChair makes medically challenged mobility fun and simple, not only for the rider, but also for their family or travel companions. With IntelliChair transportation never got easier, simply fold it up when your done and easily drive it to your

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