Towards a “One Health†Strategy Against Leptospirosis

Michel François Jancloes, Eric Bertherat, Christina Scheider, Steve Belmain, Claudia Munoz-Zanzi, Rudy Hartskeerl, Federico Costa, Jerome Denis, Jackie Benschop


 Leptospirosis is an emerging disease; affecting animals, humans and the natural environment, it is a “one health threatâ€. In spite of its global distribution, its epidemic potential due to climate/ environment changes, its high human mortality rate and socio economic burden, this zoonosis is neglected.

For mobilizing more investments in its prevention and control, a global multi- disciplinary and multi-sector network called "Global Leptospirosis Environmental Action Network,"(GLEAN) has been established. This article reports recent expert’s discussions on prevention and control strategies, based on a One Health concept. It provides an innovative agenda for operational research and for veterinary and public health cooperation.


Leptospirosis; Neglected disease; One Health; Zoonosis; Environment Health.

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