Need of the Service Medical Home Care and Perspectives for Public-Private Partnership in Bulgaria

Antoniya Yordanova Yanakieva, Alexandrina Tzecomirova Vodenitcharova, Magdalena Bancheva Aleksandrova


The modern Bulgarian Health Care System is facing the challenges of both the worsened national economic environment and the need for new strategies for dealing with the full scope of resources spent and results achieved. Due to the fast process of population ageing, a low crude birth rate, chronic disease and disability as well as the emigration of young people from the country, Bulgaria is fighting the headlong rise of expenses for treatment and maintaining of the health state of its people. The lack and deficiency of suitable health care institutions for post-medical treatment and constant care, as well as the inefficient spending of financial resources from the healthcare installments are only part of the problems in the Health Care System. The decrease of medical care personnel (shortage of medical nurses, physicians, rehabilitation specialists etc.), particularly in small towns and remote populated areas restricts the access to medical help and quality healthcare services to patients in those areas. The provision of adequate care for the needing patients represents a great challenge to our Social System. The consecutive development of the Social and the Health Insurance Systems is of vital importance, as in the future, the problems connected to the need for home medical care will be on the rise.


medical home care, public-private partnership

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