The Watasol Approach for a Sustainable Access To Safe Water

Reyna Robles, Carole De Bazignan


Some 783 million people have no access to improved drinking water sources. According to the WHO, « the lack of access to safe drinking water, combined with inadequate sanitation and poor hygiene, is an important contributing factor to the 1.8 million annual deaths from diarrheal diseases ». Chlorine is one of the most efficient means of treating water both at household level and in small, medium and large scale water supply systems. Chlorine neutralises the pathogens present in water and prevents against recontamination. However, existing supply chains do not always reach all communities, most of all in isolated areas. The ability to produce chlorine at a decentralised level offers a simple, reliable and low cost alternative to increase access to safe water.

The WATA technology created by Antenna allows the local production of sodium hypochlorite for water treatment and disinfection purposes. It targets communities that lack access to a chlorine supply chain or to a supply system of potable water. Antenna has also developed WATASOL to integrate the WATA technology in a comprehensive and sustainable approach.


Low-cost technology, global approach, partnership, local production of chlorine, water treatment and disinfection

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