Analysis of Plans, Programs and Policies to Combat Desertification in the state of Ceara – Brazil in the period 2004 to 2012

Maria Ivoneide Vital Rodrigues, Francisco Gliney SilvaI Bezerra, Karina Rocha Aguiar Bezerra, PatrÍcia Verônica Pinheiro Sales Lima


According to the State Program of Action to Combat Desertification and Mitigate the Effects of Drought (PAE/CE), the State of Ceara-Brazil has three centers configured with Areas Susceptible to Desertification which are the Hinterlands of Inhamuns, the Hinterlands Irauçuba and Center North and the Hinterlands of Medium Jaguaribe, encompassing twelve municipalities and covering a total area of 26,432,65km2. It is known that the problem of desertification in State of Ceara acquired more notoriety from the Arid Project which subsidized actions such as the elaboration of the National Program of Action to Combat Desertification and Mitigate the Effects of Drought. Since then, although with a smaller intensity than expected, noted that strategies to combat the phenomenon is being implemented in the State. In this context, the objective of this study is to conduct a systematization of the major Plans, Policies and Programs (PPP) in the State of Ceara in the period from 2004 to 2012. To this end, documentary and bibliographic searches were carried out. The systematization was made taking as parameters: objective of intervention, implementation year, managing agency, participation of society, geographical area, obstacles faced and benefits from the results obtained. It was found that the low participation, the supervision of PPP and reduced integration between policies are factors that limit the implementation and the control of actions.


Environmental Crisis; Government Intervention; Political action.

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