SLM Oriented Projects in Tajikistan: Experience and Lessons Learned

German Kust, Jessica Mott, Nandita Jain, Thirumangalam Sampath, Angela Armstrong


Three cross-linked projects with SLM component have been/are implemented/ in Tajikistan : Community Agriculture and Watershed Management Project (CAWMP): 2004 – 2012; Land Registration and Cadastral System for Sustainable Agriculture Project (LRCSP): 2005-2014; Environmental Land Management and Rural Livelihoods Project (ELMARL): proposed for 2013-2017. CAWMP and ELMARL have a GEF supported component. The projects’ SLM policy is successive, although different projects cover diverse directions of agricultural development: community actions and participatory capacities building, peculiarities of land privatization and fragmentation, and climate change adaptation. The synergy of the projects environmental results appears in: Awareness raising in environmental risks assessment, application of environmentally and economically effective technologies in farm production; Experience in water- , soil- and energy-saving technologies in rural areas; Improvement of sanitary and ecologic conditions in villages; Rehabilitation of degraded lands (incl. irrigated) and increase of soils fertility; Rehabilitation and access to pastures; Fixing erosion on slope lands by woodlots, horticulture, haying, etc. Lessons learned for further results development are the following. Negative: Low skills of project environmental stuff, Weak contacts with governmental stakeholders responsible for environmental issues, Lack of information sharing and low use of Web opportunities, Weak integration with other projects and donors. Positive: Growth of level of national environmental NGOs, High effectiveness of local small interventions (bottom-up) in comparison with national-level activities (top-down), Replicability and sustainabilty of environmentally sound activities, Increasing attention to pastures as an important natural resource, Rising possibilities and capacities to space imagery use.


sustainable land management, World Bank, international projects, best practice

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