APELL as a Technique for Community Preparedness Planning and Evaluation of the Planning Process

Timothy Gablehouse, Johanna Suikkanen


APELL is a coordinated planning process designed to improve, first, community awareness and, second, preparedness for technological accidents and natural disasters that could have impacts on the community. Its overall goals are to help communities prevent loss of life, damage to health, well-being and livelihoods, minimize property damage, and protect the environment. These same goals apply regardless of the nature of the emergency, whether it is a technological accident, a natural disaster or a combination of events such as might occur following an earthquake or tsunami disaster or smaller scale events such as lightning storms. The tools and assets available to a community for both preparedness and response are typically not different between these sorts of events. As a result, the APELL planning process is equally applicable to preparedness planning for technological or natural disasters.


Disaser Preparedness; Metrics for Preparedness

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