Evaluating Disaster Preparedness in West Sumatra through Media

Eila Sinikka Romo-Murphy


Since the Indian Ocean Tsunami, disaster preparedness has been acknowledged as a key need in communities near the Sumatran fault line. This article presents the results of an evaluation of community disaster preparedness in Padang, West Sumatra. The disaster preparedness of the community was measured from interviews with key informants focusing on disaster matters. Even as awareness campaigns conducted by local media have improved disaster preparedness, more disaster simulations are needed in districts outside Padang.

The interviews show that the local government officials and the NGOs think the community has learned disaster preparedness via media, to include tv, radio, leaflets and billboards. The topics focused on construction, evacuation routes, and what to do when an earthquake happens.

Key individuals still see many needs remaining in the development of disaster preparedness for the community. Key informants recommend that the efforts of the local government to implement disaster-preparedness programs should be based on public-private partnerships; it is noted that media and NGOs, as well as other interested stakeholders, should participate.


disaster, preparedness, campaign, community, resilience, media

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