Many emerging health impacts arise from the intensification of contact between humans and animals, the industrialization of food production, in particular the extraordinary increase in meat and fish production, as well as international travel and globalization in general. A large number of new infectious diseases originate from animals. Examples for such zoonotic diseases are the H1N1 flu, the Hanta virus, leptospirosis, or rabies.

Mitigating the impacts of such complex threats requires a re-pooling of global public health resources and capabilities across multiple disciplines to attain optimal health for humans, animals and the environment. One Health as a holistic, inter- and transdisciplinary approach, frames the complex interactions between humans, animals and the environment. It can thus provide solutions to existing and emerging global threats by fostering the collaboration between the various disciplines in human and animal medicine, as well as natural, social and even engineering sciences.

GRF Davos supports the One Health approach with its annual GRF One Health Summit. The 2nd GRF One Health Summit Davos 2013 revealed that the risk oriented One Health approach in managing the various kinds of threats has significantly evolved within the One Health community and is accepted as an essential tool for an effective and efficient management of health risks. Despite these positive steps forward, the necessary inter- and transdisciplinary cooperation and communication still remains a major challenge.

This Planet@Risk Special Issue on One Health aims to contribute to the creation and communication of a common understanding of the One Health approach. It shall give guidance to governments and non-governmental actors alike, on why they should and how they can, together, reduce the health risks and increase resilience by joining forces from multiple disciplines. The Special Issue collects state-of-the-art research reports, case studies for good practices, scientific reports and working papers on One Health. All articles are based on presentations given during the 2nd GRF One Health Summit 2013, held 17-20 November 2013 in Davos, Switzerland (http://onehealth.grforum.org/archive/2nd-grf-one-health-summit-2013/2nd-grf-one-health-summit/). Given the tremendous number of submissions we decided to split this Special Issue on One Health into two parts. The second part of the Special Issue on One Health will be published at the beginning of June 2014.

I would like to thank the Editorial Board members who ensure the quality of the journal and the authors for their valuable work they share with us. I wish that you may gain a lot of new insights with this Planet@Risk Special Issue on One Health, and hope to welcome you all at the 3rd GRF One Health Summit to be held form 5 - 8 October in Davos, Switzerland (http://onehealth.grforum.org)

Walter J. Ammann

Editor-in-Chief President Global Risk Forum Global Risk Forum GRF Davos Promenade 35 CH-7270 Davos Platz Switzerland Email: info@planet-risk.org