Food Safety and Environmental Problems

Kakha Nadiradze


At the beginning of the 21st Century, we are facing some major problems: One is the environmental problems, such as: pollution, acid rains the global warming, climate change, loss Agro biodiversity and ozone layer depletion; GMO and LMO’s, Therefore providing Food testing work to monitor our food supply for hazardous chemicals and contaminants to ensure human and animal safety, often means testing hundreds of samples for hundreds of chemical compounds every day, and  the results must be  turned around very rapidly. To meet the steady demand of food supply, application of fertilizer is indispensable in modern agriculture. Role of fertilizers has already been proven by many countries with green revolution and by attaining food self-sufficiency within short period of time. Actually, application of synthetic/chemical fertilizers not only supplies essential nutrients to food crops but also provides them in an easily available manner. Therefore, these fertilizers can quickly enhance the growth and productivity of food crops and are quick to gain popularity. However, extensive use of such fertilizer leads to serious environmental concerns. Nitrate leaching and surface/groundwater pollution due to increased use of fertilizer is directly related to human health problems. Global agricultural production should focus on both food and nutrition security. Ensuring that, sufficient nutritious food is available and accessible, and produced in a sustainable manner, is a great challenge for the agricultural sector. Output will need to be increased while managing scarce natural resources, reducing carbon intensity and adverse environmental impacts throughout the food chain, enhancing the provision of environmental services such as carbon sequestration and flood and drought control, and conserving biodiversity. Agricultural intensification is the answer, but it must be economically, socially and environmentally sustainable.


GMO and LMO risk management; food Safety, detection, analysis

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