Social Return on Investment (SROI) Analysis: An Innovative Framework for Measuring the Impact of One Health

Shubha Kumar


Control of zoonotic diseases (and those of zoonotic origin) requires early, rapid, and coordinated actions across various sectors.  A One Health approach to control and prevent the spread of zoonotic diseases has been gaining momentum over the past decade, although we lack a rich evidence base which demonstrates the value of this approach.  An innovative mixed methods framework, social return on investment (SROI) analysis, may be a useful tool to measure and communicate the impacts of One Health initiatives, demonstrate value for money, and attract and disburse funding.  Its assessment across the triple bottom line (social, environmental, and economic) and involvement of key stakeholders throughout the analysis process may be particularly relevant for planning and evaluation of initiatives in this area.


social return on investment; one health; impact measurement; evaluation

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